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Arabic for Me 30 hours Mishwar level (AM3)

Arabic for Me 30 hours Mishwar Level/Individual
"Mishwar" means errand in Arabic. The 30 hour course will get you to the "errand" level.You can get around town verbally and without asking for the wrong things at a restaraunt
is an individualized, one on one Arabic course. This is one of the most exclusive courses!
Upon registration; students and the Hona AlQuds team help put together objectives and material. Registered students are eligible for 2 consultative evaluations/sessions and 30 Academic hours of instruction

This 30 hour course follows an immersive communicative approach for learning Arabic and culture.
Students are exposed to the Palestinian dialect, language structures and vocabulary through texts, audio-visual material and conversation.
Formal and spoken Grammatics is incorporated in order to deliver a comprehensive understanding of the language at this level.
Students will have the added benefit of having a native teacher who will integrate cultural elements relating to the Arab world and Palestine, including food, dress, festivals, traditions and etiquette

30 hour courses = This division of hours will provide the student with a solid foundation and mastering in the material covered and to transition to another level within the same CEFR level

  • Arabic for Me 30 hours
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certification with a duration: Forever